Admitting defeat brought me to a victory. After three months of wrangling with my website, I asked Stormhill Media to step in and do the work.

Good thing, too. It took an expert 5 hours to rework No wonder I failed.

But even better news. An ebook version of my collection of five short stories is now available for sale from my website. You should be able to purchase it in just about any electronic format: Kindle, Nook, Kobo. Even pdf if you wish.

So for a glimpse of my dragon earth world, take a look. Three stories are contemporary. The fourth takes place in ancient Wales and has captured my fancy. A prequel to my unpublished African tanninim rounds out the set.

I would love to hear your responses to the stories to help direct my writing path. So feel free to comment.

Meanwhile, I will stumble through attempts to sell physical copies from my website. As you wait, may you live as long as Melchaiyim, even to the end of the age.