Don’t do it. Once you know the meaning of the F Bomb word, please stop.

In old England when someone committed a heinous crime, part of the stigma was that the act was called the perp’s name.

What was the F Bomber’s crime? Rape. When you drop this bomb, you are threatening to do it or asking God to make someone else do it for you.

A jerk cuts you off in traffic. Will you administer this punishment? A “friend” embarrasses you in front of others. Do you drag her into the locker room? Some would. Would you?

Yes, I know. The F bomb is hyperbole. It’s an exaggerated response to a real offense. But I cringe every time I hear it. Why?

A third grader was lured into a closet by a school janitor. And then her classmate. A high school friend’s stepfather insisted that she walk home from work. One night a stranger dragged her off the road.

A male college friend was put to a knife. And he never quite recovered.

Then there are the stories my students tell. And their parents corroborate.

Don’t do it. Please, don’t drop the F bomb. Not on me, or anyone else.