Returning to school brings emotional warfare. Unending feelings of exhaustion, defeat, and invisibility claim you. It is a spiritual fight.

Fantasy author Sara Ella touches on that disease of the soul, depression. Now is a good time to read her book Coral before the first shot is fired.

I translated Mark 15:29-31 last week. The men “mocking” Jesus and the passersby “railing” on him are different evils. How so?

The passersby attacked Jesus’ reputation, speaking about him. Imagine: Mary his widowed mother and John his best friend forced to listen as ignorant people gossiped. Emotional warfare.

But the religious leaders heaped up insults upon Jesus, making certain that he heard every word. Mary and John were standing right there. It was emotional warfare, but they won.

In an infinite moment Jesus saved the world by obeying God’s will for his life. God warns his children of suffering while demanding the sacrifice of praise. It’s a sacrifice. It hurts, but it heals.

When you are the talk of the passersby… When you are bearing your cross… Do you have a clear vision of God’s will for you? You can’t win the war on your emotions without it.