Coming out this fall will be a MiniBük of 5 short stories. It will include a prequel to Shona’s Dragons. What provoked the fight that opens chapter one?

To help you read the excerpt from chapter 1, here is a pronunciation tip for you. The African tribal names that begin with two unpronounceable English consonants are, in fact, easy to pronounce. 

Nguni: Say the name of the first letter. N. Then say Guni, like the movie Goonies but singular. Got it? Mbire: M. Now Bire like B-ray, but shorter. And roll the r if you can. 

What about the An prefix? It abbreviates the title Anah. A, like father. Place the accent on the second syllable like anon. This word is Hebrew for I. The Anah represents his entire tribe in the first person singular.

Next month, I hope to give you an update on the MiniBük’s progress with a date that it goes to the printer. Until then, may you live as long as Melchaiyim, even to the end of the age