Greetings and welcome to my December newsletter. Three words for you: Little Free Library. Have you heard of it? Perhaps you’ve seen a wooden box on a stand in parks, in neighborhoods, or outside stores.

The concept is simple. Visit a box. Take a few books. Leave a few books. So what does that have to do with you?

I would like to issue you a challenge. Yes, you could donate books to your local library for their annual sale or to a thrift shop for the cause it champions. But why not select the best books for a Little Free Library near you?

You don’t know where one is? Their website includes a map.

Were you surprised to discover a Little Free Library near you? Finding three in the rural area where I live delighted me. But that’s the goal.

The organization desires to place books in towns and neighborhoods where getting to the local library—we have one for my entire county—presents a hardship.

If you like the concept, accept the challenge, and found a box near where you live, work, or shop, why not donate today?

The Lord grant you a Merry Christmas. I hope you receive and give lots of great books. And may you live as long as Melchaiyim, even to the end of the age.