Greetings and welcome to my September newsletter. My roses display their last burst of pinks as the golden rods’ yellow signals the time to change. Isn’t that what autumn is all about? Change?

My beta readers gave me a nod to proceed with my short stories. No changes. That leaves two more obstacles before I send my MiniBuk off to print.

The first one is thrilling. I received the first draft of the cover art for Fire Flight. It’s amazing. I see very few changes the artist should make to keep the image in line with my tanninim. Did you pronounce tanninim correctly?

Technology stands as the second obstacle. But it’s my own fault. I took a little short cut when I developed it, and now, yea.

If I don’t delete my website by accident, everything should be in place for an October printing. I will keep you in the loop. What? More pronunciations? Well, okay. Just one, but it’s not a Shona or Hebrew word. It’s Korean.

In Fire Flight, I named the EMT for a beautiful singer: Sohyang. The first syllable sounds like our English “so,” but wait. Cut the vowel sound off. Avoid giving it that two syllable twang we like here in the South.

When Sohyang says “yang,” the y sounds like it has an h front of it. Think “hi ya” said as one syllable. The g, however, is lost to the ear. She says her name several times, but quite fast, in this video See how you did.

Meanwhile, once again, I hope to send you a picture of the cover soon. Let’s hope the book is printed next month, and may you live as long as Melchaiyim, even to the end of the age.