Mark writes of a running man (Mark 15:36). Who is he? He lacks the dignity of a noble. No VIP would be caught running in public.

And the running man is ignorant. He thought that Eloi was Elias and not Elohim. He was not the only one.

And he is not a soldier. That did not keep him from grabbing a soldier’s wineskin, however.

The running man is cruel. Not only did he offer Jesus vinegar when Jesus said that he was thirsty, but he also told the people around him not to give Jesus anything to drink.

The running man gets people’s attention by taunting someone who appears to be helpless. And it works. The coward is included in the Bible.

How do you trip a running man? Jesus focused on completing His mission. He didn’t speak to the running man. Nobody apparently did, and we read no more of that nameless man.

Refuse to give a Running Man the one thing that he wants: Your attention. Ignore him. Let God wipe him off the earth. Focus on completing the mission that God has given you.

How have you been dealing with a running man?