Happy New Year’s greetings to you! Please forgive me for not wishing you a Merry Christmas. I didn’t realize that phrase isn’t as common as I thought.

You didn’t know either? Well, I’d like to enlighten you with an event from last week. I found it disturbing. What was it? A fun event for writers.

We are a small group who meet monthly. A librarian guides our writing.

One of our prompts this time seemed easy enough. Take a holiday tradition from your family. Place it in a different historical time period. Then write a story, a poem, a reflection, what have you. As long as we changed to a past time.

After ten minutes, we shared our writing. I hid my disappointment.

The first member wrote of a family moving to California during the gold rush. Once she’d shared, she confessed: she’d forgotten to include Christmas.

Writer two didn’t forget. She deliberately omitted any mention of a holiday. Her caveman and his wife were content to eat berries on this ordinary day.

Our poet, who usually makes me laugh, spoke a group of ladies celebrating the winter solstice and worshiping a Bronze Age goddess. Can you see my frown?

When it was my turn, I let the excitement of the holiday enliven my tone as I read my short story. I’d like to share it with you.

Meanwhile, rejoice in the Lord more as we delve into 2024.